Friday, February 17, 2012

Watching the news, Smaller Candy Bars, What???

I try not to watch the news too much.  Makes me scared to live in a city, sometimes makes me feel unsafe in my own home.  But man was there some news today.

First was the very sad story of the school bus crash in Chesterfield, NJ.  I usually do not cry during the news but this story has me crying.  11 year old girl died and her 2 sisters are in critical condition, one in a medically induced coma.  She was a triplet.  They all sat in the same seat on the bus everyday.  Breaking my heart.  My thoughts and prayers go out to her parents and to her sisters.  I had an older sister who passed away when I was 7 and I always wonder how life would have been different had she not died.  There also was an 11 year old boy who was critically injured also, praying for him too.  Most of the other students were released from the hospital.   Just sad.  And the back end of the story is "Who is to blame?"  Can we concentrate on the children right now?

Second thing had me going Uh-Oh.  Story on Kohl's marking up prices.  I love me some Kohl's.  Always have great sales and then this story comes along.  Check out link below. Wow.  I bet when you walk through Kohl's tomorrow you will see people peeling off stickers.  The report did say that Kohl's will honor the lower price or apply the discount to the lower price.  And I love Jim Donovan.  His 3 on Your Side stories are always very informative.

Third is that Mars is going to stop selling candy bars that are more than 250 calories.  No more king size candy bars and regular size bars will get smaller  by the year 2013.  What??  Stock up now people.  No just kidding, this is an agreement Mars signed with Mrs. Obama, Partnership for a Healthier America.  At first I was a little annoyed with this story thinking that they are now regulating what we eat.   But now when Bubby asks for a candy bar it won't be as bad, it will be bad but not AS bad.  Bubby is not a big candy eater so this might make saying yes to the candy bar every once in a while easier (of course I will still try to divert to the cut up apples in the cold display).

Then I saw this story coming up.  See link.  Made me chuckle a little.  I think this will be on Monday @ 11:00.  I am setting my DVR right now.  My mom is in her 70's and I don't want to know.  There are certain things in life you should just not have to think about and this is one of them.  At least not now.  This is a Scarlett O'Hara thing, I think about that tomorrow x 8038034038084.

And last but not least, snow on the way.  Yeah!

No, sorry just one more thing.  The Flyers won tonight and hopefully this made my very sick Hubby feel a little better.  Love you Honey!  He must be sleeping the coughing has stopped. : )

Wait, wait!!!  There is a royal couple Barbie edition coming out in April to celebrate William and Kate's first anniversary.   Too much, although it looks pretty good I have to admit except his head looks weird.
Not Bad.  Love the Dress

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Still Sick, but not the flu

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day! Spend it with someone you love or spend it celebrating yourself.  Every kiss begins with Kay.  Or he went to Jared.  I didn't get anything sparkley.  That's OK.  Don't need it.  We were supposed to go out for a nice family Valentine dinner but with both of us sick, it's been postponed.

Sorry I haven't been updating.   I have a wicked sinus infection.  It's been 2 weeks, and now my hubby has it, and here we are sitting on the couch sniffing and  sneezing together on Valentine's Day.  True Love.  Hoping my Bubby doesn't get it.  Bubby has been pretty patient.  I lose my voice at least once a day.   We have been drawing pictures of Superheros and Villians.  Some not too bad.  He is a good boy.  This weather is so crazy that he's been able to get outside and play with friends.  Fresh air!!!

So I am chugging along. I use a neti pot to get rid of my congestion.  My doctor told be to make sure that you use purified or distilled water.  If you use regular tap water you could get some kind of fungus on your brain.  I had no idea.  So please take this advice and do not use tap water.  And make sure you clean the netti pot well.  I've been using alcohol. 
This is the Neti Pot I use.  Found in most pharmacy chains.
I know it looks gross, but when you can't breath, you will try anything.

I also got a skin condition, Impetago.  This is common in children but adults with upper respitory infections and get it too.   I had changed face cleanser and though that was it, I have not been this broken out ever in my life.  So I am using a anti-biotic cream perscribed by the doctor.  I have used it for one day and already they look way better.  Less red, less sore.

Anyone watch the Grammy's?  I loved Adele.  Think she is fabulous. The Foo Fighters put on a great performance.  Love them.  And the whole Niki Minaj thing, I don't know what to say.  All in all a great show. 

Psychologist appointment tomorrow.  I forgot one important thing.  I got denied SSD.  Other Post Concussion Supports are telling me to keep applying.  We shall see.

Let me know how you felt about the Grammys or if you have any advise on Social Security.  That would be awesome.
Also want to offer condolances to the Houston family.  What a great schock.  Another beautiful voice silenced and taken away too soon.  Praying for her poor daughter.