Friday, February 3, 2012

Sick today

Today is a sick day.  Sore throat, some kinda bug.  No idea how I got it. My poor husband had to come home and pick up the Bubby from school.

I wish my hair and lips looked this good when I feel sick

Watching American Idol and this is the first time I saw someone sing Rush for and audition.  No way.  Of course he didn't get the Golden Ticket.  Did he really think that JLo is going to get Rush?  Not.

I also discovered Ali Wentworths Daily Spot.  She is so funny. She used to be my favorite part of Oprah.   She does like this 10 minuted video of world events but it's hysterical.

Watched Jersey Shore tonight. This is another weird show I am addicted too.  I don't know why.  I guess I have to see if they are gonna top the stupidness from the last show.  They usually succeed.  Today they were talking about getting shocked by a hairdryer and these electronics. 

Bubby had library at school today and took my advise and got a book on learning how to draw.  The one he got was how to draw Nickelodeon characters.  He did really well.  We took turns drawing.  Another thing I can do with him.  We had fun and talked about how to draw each picture and shapes.  It was awesome.

That is all for today.  I be better next time around.

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