Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cooky Weather

We are having the craziest weather.  It is like spring.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer.

This weather was great for my son.  We had a nice day together today, no yelling or me wanting to pull my hair out.  Picked him up from school and he had his after school snack and we played some computer games together.  He loves this one site called  When he asks to play he has to say the whole thing, he never leaves out the www or .com.  If I leave them out I get the hand on the hip "Mom,".  It's a great site, they let them play this game in computer class.  They have letters, math, and some fun learning games all by grade level. 

After computer games we heard his friends playing outside and he wanted to go out.  He had a blast.  He ate all his dinner and dessert!!  And he fell asleep rather quickly tonight.  Even the cat got out for a walk today, on a leash.  She had to go back in though, too many squirrels.  She loved it, loves laying in the sun.  She's fast asleep now too.  Here is a picture of my little girl, Avery.  She is sitting in the exact spot where I hit my head.

I also dyed my hair today.  You know it's time when your 7 year old says "Mommy I can see your grays".

So I am feeling really PCSish right now.  I may have done too much today.  Although so worth the time spent with my Bubby.   Still working on the coping skills.  So far I have come up with Lego's and computer games.  Wednesday is his last swim practice.  We need to find another physical activity for him.  My hubby is looking into karate.  Also softball season is coming up and we got a flyer sent home from school for sign-ups.

Got some good news today about a neighbor.  He has needed a kidney transplant for a long time now, goes to dialysis everyday.  I just found out from our other neighbor that he got the call Saturday night and had the transplant the same night.  So far he is doing well.  Just saw him walking his dog the other day, crazy how life works sometimes. (Really funny to see him walking this dog. The dog is this little fluff ball and he is this big, burly hunting guy walking this little tiny dog.  He is married with 3 daughters and a the dog is a girl.  Such a good man he will do anything for his girls.)  So happy for him and his family.  Huge weight lifted off their shoulders.

Update on Sister-in-Law:  My husband went to see her Monday night.  She was all morphined up and not being a very good patient.  She kept trying to rip out the IV tubes and they had to restrain her.  She would not eat for anybody.  My husband got her to calm down and eat all her dinner.  Morphine on an empty stomach is probably not so good.  Today she started PT and is off the morphine and on another pain med.  Her nurse even called my husband tonight because she wanted to talk to her brother.  That was really kind.  Feeling bad she is out there by herself, but she is doing good.   Again, thank you to everyone praying or sending good thoughts for her.  It's working.

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