Tuesday, February 7, 2012

But I got a flu shot???/Bubby's Swim Meet/Superbowl

Still sick.  Started last Wednesday with a sore throat and still feeling crappy.  I got a flu shot at the beginning of the season because I figured it would be awful to deal with the flu and PCS.  I was in denial, did not want to admit I had the flu.  Wanted to have faith in the flu shot.  Well here I am dealing with both.  Yuck.  Worst luck ever!  Where in the world did I get a strain of the flu not covered by my shot???  My husband said I look so sick, even my curls look sick, all straight.

Bubby's Swim Meet
On a better note, my Bubby had his swim meet on Saturday, this is the big swim meet where all the schools in the city compete.  He did so good.  I am the proudest mommy!!  In his age group they can compete in 2 races, freestyle and backstroke.  Freestyle was first and he shaved 18 seconds off his best time.  The coaches told us that is incredible.  We know nothing about swimming, and were like "OK, great".  And the coach said "No, you don't understand that is incredible, you should pursue this".  He came in last over all, but had the best improved time out of all the other swimmers.  Most improve their time by 2 or 3 seconds.  So, so proud of him.  He was grinning from ear to ear.  His second race was the backstroke and he won that race.  Not sure of time and placement for the backstroke, it takes forever for them to post results.  The coach was pretty sure he won and shaved some time off his best.

I was really feeling crappy going to this race, but I am so glad I pushed myself to be there.  It was loud and I stepped outside to the lobby alot.  And Bubby was happy I was there.  I usually do not go to meets because they are so very loud, a lot of cheering and yelling.  I lost my voice cheering for my Bubby.  How is that for coping?

I am going to get me a shirt like this
I did not watch the entire Superbowl.  I was sleeping off the flu.  I did however wake up in time for the half-time show.  Thoughts???  Here's mine.  I thought Madonna was great.  Except for the boots.  They were really nice boots and all but come on.  Did you really think you could dance on plexi-glass and run up and down stairs in those things?  If she would have worn sensible shoes, yes I am a woman and said sensible shoes, it may have flowed better.  She looked awkward, almost as if she didn't know how to walk in them.  Madonna is a great dancer and she just looked.....awkward. 

I also was happy to see that she appeared to be having fun.  Madonna usually has an agenda of some sort.  Needs to make some kind of statement.  Yesterday she just looked like she was having fun.   That's all we really want from you Madonna, music and fun.  OK and maybe some fashion.  The boots were great.

And who is this chick who flipped everyone off?  I don't even know who she is and why is she giving me the bird?  I guess since Madonna was having fun she had to ruin it.  Did she make a name for herself doing that?  I think not, cause I sure don't know who she is, still.

I didn't really want anyone in particular to win, but was kinda hoping the Pats would win for my uncle.  This will probably be the last Superbowl he sees (hopefully not).  And the dude who got the car, really??  They have to give him a car and send him to Disney??  Here is what I say, give the car to charity cause you probably make a gazillion dollars and have 5 cars at home.  Auction it off for charity.  Personally, I would have taken the Disney trip.  Who wouldn't??

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